The ITU GATE Program carried out by ITU ARI Teknokent is an international acceleration program that aims to move tech-intensive national entrepreneurs to international networks. During this program, which takes place in Turkey for 3 months and the USA for 1 month, attendees introduce their products to international companies, and have mentorship, consultancy and international networking opportunities.

20 companies selected within the ITU GATE Program will receive training and consultancy services on business model development and evaluation, market research and analysis, strategy and competitiveness analysis, fundamentals of financial accounting and modeling, lean initiatives, micro-economy and pricing. 8 companies selected on the ITU GATE Istanbul Demo Day will have the chance to complete all of the above in the United States.

All companies from any industry chosen within the ITU GATE Program will be conducting their business development activities in Chicago and San Francisco where the US offices of ITU ARI Teknokent are located. The Chicago part of the program will take place at 1871 – Chicago’s Entrepreneurship Center that was listed as the #1 entrepreneurship center in the world in UBI Global’s ranking. And the San Francisco part of the program will take place at Galvanize SOMA center located at the Bay Area, which is acknowledged as one of the most important areas of the history of entrepreneurship and technology in USA.

ITU GATE in figures

The program has been running since 2014, and as of the third edition, 26 tech-based companies have had the chance to meet international networks.

Companies selected for ITU GATE Turkey have received:

  • 315 hours of consultancy,
  • 165 hours of mentorship,
  • 180 hours of training.

Companies selected for ITU GATE America have received:

  • 225 hours of 1-to-1 mentorship
  • 105 hours of training.
  Selected for the 1st edition of ITU GATE Selected for the 2nd edition of ITU GATE Selected for the 3th edition of ITU GATE
Costomer 123 184 320
Funder 27 18 19

Companies that attend the program will be promoted in the press and social media in USA and Turkey, besides training and consultancy services. ITU GATE will promote these companies on media outlets like NBC, Reuters and BlueSky in USA for new customers.

Companies that got into the American market via ITU GATE are AVCR, Alotech, Bilgera, Teamgram, Boni, Borda, Evam, Fidelo Card, İngenious, İnvent, İ2İ Systems, LA Yazılım, Mekânsal İşler, Monument, Nanokomp, Obase, ODC, Rasyonet, SBS, Segmentify, Sentromer, SESTEK, SFS AŞ, Softtech, and Wordego.


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