İTÜNOVA TTO Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Division provides industrialists, academics and students with awareness trainings and briefings on patent, utility model, brand and industrial design subjects. It also provides with technical support on evaluation of their innovations, application process tracking and licensing. As part of commercialization activities for inventions, services including market research, and patent and utility model evaluation for inventions within commercialization activities are also provided.


What We Do For You?

  • We organize trainings within ITU to create awareness on Intellectueal and Industrial Property Rights (IPR) granting of a license and management.
  • We perform a service in the protection and commercialization processes of the technology/product that produced at ITU.
  • We ensure that all the previous, current and future studies on IPR at ITU are collected in a single center and monitored and updated regularly.
  • We provide services together with the law deparment on intellectual property matters within the scope of contracts and general coopertation protocols for joint projects established by ITU with industry.
  • We provide services such as creating proposals, negotiationg with industrial organizastions and propose offers in order to license inventions to the industry.

The patenting process begins with evaluation of the official application against formal requirements. Research reports issued by the Turkish Patent Institute or other accredited patent offices for applications deemed appropriate are published in the Official Patent Bulletin. Then the owner of the invention chooses a system. If the applicant chooses the unexamined system, the third person remarks on application and research report are delivered to the applicant. Following a certain amount of time, an unexamined patent is granted to the applicant for 7 years without regard for patent eligibility requirements and remarks of the third person.

In the case of examined patents, the third person reserves the right of objection in terms of patentability after issuance of research report. Where inventor prefers examined patent system and demands a review by the third person, the main examination phase begins. Then the inventor will be granted a 20-year examined patent following the positive report and elimination of unfavorable conditions.

When we receive applications from academics, our specialists review their inventions. Inventions that meet protection criteria and are thought have a commercialization potential will be sent to our agreed patent office for preliminary survey. Invention information forms from our academics and the preliminary survey report of the patent office will be submitted to the İTÜNOVA High Council. If approved, patent procedures for the inventions will be carried out through İTÜNOVA.

The invention information form sent by İTÜNOVA TTO Intellectual Rights specialist to inventors will be filled and submitted to ITUNOVA TTO official for preliminary survey. If found acceptable and İTÜNOVA TTO High Council decides that invention application process shall be carried out by İTÜNOVA TTO, specifications of the invention will be written. Specifications of the invention will be completed with additional information from the applicant academic, which will initialize the application process.

The 12-month period before the application is called grace period for early announcements. However, İTÜNOVA TTO specialists should be notified of the early announcement of the invention.

*Grace period may not necessarily be applicable in every country.

Costs related with patent applications approved by İTÜNOVA High Council will be covered by İTÜNOVA.

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