Optional: Quantum Electron Engineering for the Next Generation Battery Technology

Dr. Onur Ergen’s research titled QUEEN, quantum super-exchange energy storage platform, has been awarded the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. Dr. Ergen leverages quantum electron engineering to introduce a whole new approach to physics and chemistry to redesign traditional battery technology and move it beyond existing theoretical limits. By 2035, the research aims to increase battery energy density by twenty-fold, which with present technology is expected to increase only by twofold.  This opens the door to new domains of maximum power and energy for any battery chemistry and introduces instantaneous charging capabilities.

The QUEEN project will make the chaotic ion and electron transport in battery chemistries more precise and programmable.  In doing so, it paves the way for achieving groundbreakingly thin battery operation distances (2nm-5nm between anode and cathode) with instantaneous ion transfer and battery architectures that can accommodate 10000 times more current than today's battery technologies.

With this project, Dr. Ergen introduces the Quantum Arc Pen Electro Pulse Lithography (Q-ARC) technique and a nanoscale "pen" (ARC-PEN) to grow and convert complex 2D hybrid nanomaterials with atomic precision, thus, transforming them into programmable matter. In effect, QUEEN decodes complex matter to introduce control over any given battery chemistry.   This approach will not only provide a blueprint for the next battery technology but will also unlock the potential for 2D materials in areas such as biology, flexible electronics, and spintronics.

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