ITU Natural Language Processing Software Chain

ITU Natural Language Processing Software Chain İITUNOVA TTO licenses its first technology to the United States: ITU Natural Language Processing Software Chain ITU Faculty of Computer and Informatics member Assistant Professor Gülşen Cebiroğlu Eryiğit speaks about the ITU Natural Language Processing Software Chain, the first technology licensed by ITUNOVA TTO to the United States, and how the technology makes Turkish-language communication between machines and humans natural and efficient.

We know that the accumulated knowledge of the world is stored in terabytes and terabytes of data which is yet to be sorted, processed or made sense of. This is a gargantuan task that defies human power, and the database keeps growing day by day.

Social media conversations, comments about brands made on forums, instructional documents that evade all reachg attempts, keywords that remain unaccessible due to spelling errors, messaging shorthand or the use of emojis...  If these were to be sorted and analyzed, they would yield unfathomable strategic value to people in need.

While this task is uınsurmountable to humans, machines are uniquely suited to undertake such an effort. This makes the development of machines capable of processing natural languages a critical technology in the world today. In addition, Turkish, coming from a linguistic family that is fundamentally different from popular languages, is among the most difficult for machines to learn. The capabilities of the so-called commercialized technologies are severely limited.

Now, ITUNOVA TTO makes the ITU Natural Language Processing Software Chain, the result of 15 years of academic work in Turkish Language Processing Technologies, available to the use of industry.

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